“Graduating Senior”

It’s a wonderfully terrible thing to be referred to as a “graduating senior”. On the one hand, never having to pull an all-nighter to finish another paper sounds wonderful. On the other, not knowing what you’ll be doing next year because up until this point the answer to that question has always been, “school, of course” is kind of terrifying. We go to school from the time we’re 5 or 6 years old (sometimes 3 or 4!). It’s been as close to a constant as anything else, and suddenly it won’t be anymore. Suddenly we have to go out and find a career somehow in an economy that still hasn’t fully recovered among a populace who uses our generation as an example of everything that’s wrong with the USA.

I’m not whining about this – just stating facts. Whining is when you loudly wallow in the negative feelings and do nothing about whatever problems brought those negative feelings in the first place.

So, here’s what I’m doing about it. I’m working on several different projects to add to my reel and to my professional skill set. I’m managing locations for Brandon Douglas’ senior thesis film, “Hexit” (also, doing crafty for it). I’m Art Directing Melissa Velazquez’s senior thesis web series pilot called, “The Locket”, working under the Production Design guidance of Shealynn Waller. I’m Production Designing Elijah Chandler’s senior thesis film, “Obsidian”, which he’s hoping to turn into a feature film. And last, but certainly not least, for my own senior thesis, I’m writing a feature-length script I’m calling, “Silence & Sound”.

I have a couple loose ends to tie up with a few other projects I have as well – photos from trips to edit (like the one here from Dover, England), short films of my own to polish up and post, and some more spoken word pieces to release to the world. We’ll see how much I can accomplish before I take a walk down a stage that will change my life.



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